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Latest Arabic Mehandi Designs – All Time Favourite Mehandi Images

Mehandi Designs is always an integral part of a wedding ceremony and thus the traditional designs of mehandi comprised of the bride and the groom, the baraat, the doli and the shehnai, and many such Bridal mehandi designs that signified wedding. Those Mehndi designs were quite contemporary and could be only imprinted on a bride’s hand. The love for mehandi of Asian women was always very strong; however, daily soaps on the small screen, Bollywood movies, and pop albums have further popularized the tradition of getting imprinted with mehandi designs. Mehndi designs traditionally come into different styles.

Amazing Leg, Foot Mehandi designs


 Arabic Mehandi designs give a spurt of elegance without being messy. There are a lot of people who shy away from decorating their entire hand with intricate Arabic mehandi designs and for those people simple mehandi designs are just perfect way to adorn their hands. The Arabic mehandi designs have floral patterns without any complicated motif and can cater to any occasion be it a festival or a wedding.

A Bridal mehandi Designs does not look complete without making patterns on the top of your hand. Even for people who shy away from putting mehandi must put some patterns on the top of the hand to make the mehandi Design look complete. Try putting an arch-like motif with some flower-like patterns without giving too much detail. This pretty and simple mehndi design is an ideal try for occasions such as Eid or Diwali.

Arabic mehandi designs for wrist are also quite unique and this designs have some floral and leaf like motifs. The palm is left in this design and this is what brings about a uniqueness of this classy, elegant design. Mehandi patterns of paisley and floral motifs on the fingers and the palm and then connecting it to a bangle-like design on the wrist look incredibly good. These Arabic Mehndi designs neither look overly done nor too simple. It also makes the hand look filled without having too much of complicated motifs.



The tradition of applying Bridal mehandi Design has gone tremendous change today and so have the mehandi designs. However, these days, mehandi designs have evolved and got a lot of transformation and people prefer to have simpler, yet elegant designs to be drawn on their hands. Arabic and zardozi designs are preferred over patterns that were drawn on the entire hand. Some Hindi pop albums of 90s have also popularized the studded mehandi designs with the usage of stones and glitters. These designs are made to match with the dresses, lehengas, or sarees having intrinsic designs.

Indian festive, be it a religious ceremony or a wedding, gives you one sight for sure, and that is Indian women moving around with beautiful mehandi designs on their hand only to make them appear even more brighter. The word mehandi is derived from the Sanskrit word “Mehendika” and the application of mehandi before any important religious event was a symbol of inner and outer sun which was based on the idea of bringing about the inner light. Mehandi is a synonym to henna Mehandi designs. The history of this beautiful tradition dates back to more than five thousand years. Henna was used in Arab to make intricate patterns in hands. The usage of henna was not only meant for aesthetic reasons but women believed that usage of henna can keep the evils at bay and bring prosperity in their homes attracting good luck.

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The herb called Lawsonia Inermis is used for making henna and it grows in Egypt, Sudan, India, some North African countries, and of course the Middle East; mostly in hot and dry places. Mehandi art can be referred by different names but no matter what we call it, the way it stains the skin is undoubtedly beautiful. Tattooing has gained a lot of popularity over the few years but it can never beat a woman’s love for getting her hand stained with beautiful patterns. These days, people also use of Bridal mehandi Designs as an alternative for tattooing of course due to its temporary effect and to avoid getting poked by a needle and then being committed to the pattern for almost a much longer period of time. It is a beautiful, painless procedure to adorn the hands and the feet or any other parts of the body with vibrant mehandi colour.

Yes, it is true that a lot of people go for simple and elegant mehandi designs but still there is no dearth of ladies who want their hands to be filled with the bright colours of henna. Large motifs are used to cover up entire hand without filling in much of each and every motif fill the hands, and yet are quite simple. The large motif is normally floral or leaves with tiny dots or filled in with lines with very minimum gap. The motif is drawn on the fingers, top of the hand, palm, and entire wrist. For heavier designs opt for shaded mehandi to fill up the motifs and the designs can be extended from the wrist till the elbow. However, such patterns that go till the elbow are adorned only for bridal mehandis.

Special occasions give us a good way to highlight each and every part of ourselves with jewelleries and other aesthetic products and Bridal mehandi Designs one of the most beautiful those products. During wedding, a bride has to be decorated from top to bottom and she remains on the spot light on that day. Then there are no reasons why should we not do something about the feet which can be visible while doing some rituals such as when entering the groom’s house. Use again leaves and small floral motifs to cover up your feet. But can only brides decorate their feet during wedding. Not at all, marriage happens only once but festivals come every year. If you do not want to go for a mehandi design that cover up your entire feet then opt for simple leaves motif to draw on the lining of your feet. With the Diwali coming up round the corner and now that it is almost November there will be a lot of weddings lined up we can say that it is pretty much Arabic mehandi Designs season flaunt your hands and feet on all the occasions.



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